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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  November 3, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. these are the questions you got to ask yourself -- who is designing our recovery, because i don't think it is actually a recovery that is being designed. who is buffy wicks? oh, you're going to see something that will blow your mind. follow-up on a story that has been coming for about 90 days. here is my favorite rand i would like to thank diane sawyer for this. why is al gore still eating steak? find out. the purple tie on, of course! who doesn't lock seiu. it's seiu night tonight on the glenn beck program. hello, america. tonight i want to start with this. i'd hike to be wrong tonight.
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i don't think i am, but i would like to be wrong. i'm going to give the president the credit that he'd hike to take. i'm going to take the president at his word, that his plans have stopped the decline in our economy. obama had this to say, quote "we can see clearly now that the steps my administration are taking are making a huge difference, brunting the worst of this recession and helping to bring about its conclusion." end quote. that is fantastic! it's over. i mean, at least the worst of it is over. it is not going to get any worse than it is right now. remember this. because there is only going to be one of us that is right. i personally believe he is mistaken. i will give him credit for that. i hope for the best, i really do. do you think i want to see us destroy ourselfs? sometime starting after the new year, i think you will see how bogus this recovery is, because right now, are you reading the head behinds? they say positive u.s. economic
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data, u.s. recovery bullies the bulls. u.s. stocks rise. g.d.p. is up, wow! i'm reading the paper thinking this is great! and then and then the bad glenn comes in and he is like, glenn, i got pesky facts for you. i'm like, no, you're such a downer. here are the pesky facts. g.d.p. was up but unemployment stands at 9.8%. this is the states and how they look right now. see the kind of charcoal gray, like, really bad? they're at 10% or over. then we have the purple ones, 7 to 9.9. this isn't good. maybe this president rightly pats himself on the back and then he can celebrate the g.d.p.
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increase of 3.5%. i just like to point out that that number was inflated by stimulus money. they are also touting the fact that they have created or saved 6 50,000 jobs with stimulus funding. have you ever seen a host knees on the floor? i don't think there are people that actually do that that host at night. are they disney people? could be. i would like to give credit to president obama for this for all the jobs he saved but i don't know how to measure a saved job. we got a phone! hey, call me. tell me how you measure it. because even david gregory was a little skeptical on what a saved job actually is. ok.
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what is a saved job? how do you measure that? it is not something that economists are recognize. glenn: fantastic, you saved 650,000 jobs. now, have you explained the 2.7 million jobs lost since the stimulus package? are they just jobs you couldn't save? do you know anybody out there that has their business expand ing like crazy or that they can't keep up with job offers? it's crazy. i could have sold my house for four times the asking price three different times! no. for all the fixing that the government does, there's not much to show for t they seem to be doing more buying than fixing. wait a minute. if the federal government is buying things, that fundamentally changes us, doesn't it? do you know hour government now controls 30% of all the private wealth in america, up from 1r
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9.9% last year. the government has a 60% stake now in g.m.. the obama administration put $58 billion into saving that struggling company. i don't think it had anything to do with the unions. stop being -- i'm sorry. it's great for detroit. oh, sorry, they did open and new g.m. plant in delaware to make green cars that nobody is going to buy. politicians have stepped in to give reprieves to failing g.m. dealerships around the country. meanwhile, ford has a slightly different strategy. they have decided on doing something, i don't know, something called cost cutting. they posted a $1 billion profit. it looks like we helped the wrong company. government wants to fix and heal healthcare, fix and heal the planet! two great things they're going to be great at, but the earth
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god himself, al gore, whose net worth, including two houses in 2000 was under $2 million, do you know this earth god is now worth hundreds of millions of dollars and stands to make more as energy prices -- what did president obama say they would do? oh, yeah, that's right, necessarily skyrocket as government forces us to go green. if he loves the earth so much, why does al gore eat meat? well, peta loves me today, because finally, because of this program, finally someone asks him that question, and he was forced to answer. >> here is glenn beck giving a challenge to you about cows an methane. glenn: i'm siding with peta on this one, once again asking you if you want to save the planet, al, pick up a cheeseburger that is soy and tofu.
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i may be for sale, but i'm not cheap. you're going to have to wait for that response. diane sawyer, don't hate me because i'm so sexy. if these people really cared about -- does that make you sick again? oscar is like oh! if they really cared so much about the planet, why would we be pushing a cap and trade system that won't curb emissions, it will just make americans pay more for the e fission emissions. this was the system enron was lobbying for. they were the biggest supporter of cap and trade. shouldn't that that raise a flag or two or 100,000? it is not about the planet. it is not about healthcare. it is not about the economy. this is about fixing, putting the fix in for special interests nbc's parent company, g.e., jeffrey immelt, they stand to make a fortune on the smart grid and other green initiatives. what about healthcare? who is helping fix healthcare?
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we're fixing healthcare. i talked to andy stern and seiu members! glenn: that's right. andy stern, he is the leading sit tore to the white house, more even than oprah winfrey. 22 visits. the guy is practically living at the white house. he is the guy helping to redesign our entire system. well, that's great, because i know we hired somebody who i know obama said he was definitely not a marxist, that's crazy, right? so he must have -- we hired a guy to redesign the system who is definitely not a marxist. now, a president who is definitely not a marxist, he would certainly have a straight up capitalist, right, a straight talking straight shooter all around good guy, the kind of guy you would want to redesign the free market system, right? video, courtesy of >> what we're working towards is
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building a global organization, because workers of the world unite is not just a slogan anymore. it is a way we're going to have to do our work. glenn: workers of the word unite. haven't i heard that before? i have heard that someplace. could you bring that back? did didn't i have a picture of this earlyer? that's right! that's right! that's an old poster of, you know, for the revolution in russia. see the writing right there on the side "it says workers of the world unite." it is in that funny language but that's what it says, workers of the world unite. the soviet revolution t must have been just the slip of the tongue of yet another person advising our president, even though he did tweet that van jones, the avowed communist deserve add more spirited defense, he couldn't be more a big government redistribution of wealth guys, right? >> there are opportunities in america to share better in the
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wealth, to rebalance the powers and unions and government are part of the solution. glenn: this isn't going well. no. just waiting for them to call. andy stern, union guy, government. he just said they get together, they are the solution to redistribute the wealth. wow, another big government marxist around the president of the united states, and this one is from the union, and the union that's kind of the sister organization of acorn. oh, my gosh! that's fantastic! it's a big old party at the white house. they should get gloria estefan there, and here is the good news. at least seiu are not thugs. they're not mobster knee-breaking tactics being employed by seiu, right? >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn't work, we will use the persuasion of power. there are governments an opportunities to change laws that affect these companies. >> we took names.
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we watched how they voted. we know where they live. glenn: hey, wait a minute. i'm thinking about my purple tie and seiu and what he was saying hey, we know where they live. wasn't it seiu -- you know what, it was? wasn't it an seiu guy that were beating up the two tea party people in missouri? yeah, it was seiu. we should check on that to see how that has turned out, to see if there is any thugery going on. lucky for you. unlucky for the white house and very unlucky for seiu, we have that prepared in just a few minutes. we will give you an update on this amazing story. the videos must be from a comedy show, right? there has to be an explanation. maybe he was just channeling anita dunn who was channeling somebody else. surely we don't have the man who obama said this about -- >> before debating healthcare, i
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talked to andy stern and seiu members -- glenn: certainly that guy couldn't have said -- >> we will use the power of persuasion to rebalance the power. workers of the world unite. it is not just a slogan anymore. it is a way we have to do our work. glenn: this that is fantastic. here is the phone, white house. i still haven't given up hope that you would actually call. the president assured us he wasn't a marxist. he loves capitalism. he loves america, a lot. he never would want to spread the wealth around, would he? oh, no, he wouldn't. >> everyone is pinched. business is bad for everybody. when you spread the wealth around, it is good for everyone. glenn: we should stop and be taken off the air. this is just not helpful to the president and the things he wants to do. the tapes have to be dock toward. i'm just trying to help you guys. you can call and say glenn, get off the air, because i believe i could take the pledge somewhere
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to promote the president's agenda. i'm not playing along, am i? at least the prominent billionaire, the radical george soros, who has also been a frequent guest at the white house is in there pitching for the free market, right? >> the system we have now has actually broken down, only we haven't quite recognized it, and so you need to create a new one, and this is the time to do it. glenn: the system has broken down. we haven't eck nized it yet. it is almost like when they are saying that the g.d.p. and everything is really, really good, but it's not, it's almost like they're building a system so when you recognize it, that it's broken, they will have a new system waiting to go. that's amazing. what achieverrer -- what a clever idea. america, i need to you ask this question. i know you get this, but how are your friends explaining all
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this? the white house doesn't call. do they just make fun of me or trash me? the white house doesn't even say my name anymore. i thought we should have a contest to see how long it takes the white house to take my name and speak t i feel like that they will say that 5:00 guy or fox or right wing comment taters. they don't notice my name, and don't like to say t wouldn't you like to pinpoint my name fy was wrong. just like i like to saba ak obama, cass sunstein, van jones, anita dunn! no, no, they don't say my name because they don't want more people coming here to see what i have to say. they can't explain it. it is like they are playing a game of taboo where they can't say my name. if i'm wrong, why don't they call me and take out a full-page ad. there are millions of people watching this show every day,
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every day. here is two other names that they won't ever say. put them on the bottom of the screen, please. two names they will never say -- chow ard and piven. if you are watching with a d.v.r. and you don't know what that is, pause this show and google it! please! look it up. this is important, because cloward and piven, the cloward and piven strategy is what they're doing. they're collapsing the system and replacing it with a system of guaranteed annual income for all the workers! workers of the world unite! they need to do it this way. they need it do it in the cover of darkness. they need you for not to listen to me, because if you start to listen to me, you're never going to willingly give up your freedom. you're going to be nudged into it, and if they can't nudge you into it, well then they will push you into it. what was it that andy stern just said a minute ago? >> we're trying to use the power of persuasion, and if that doesn't work, we will use the persuasion of power because this
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are governments and there are opportunities to change laws that affect these companies. >> we took names. we watched how they voted. we know where they live. glenn: yep, they know where i live. they know where you live, too. all they need is that final emergency, and it is going to come creeping up. we didn't eel realize it was this bad. mark the words of george soros or anyone else around this white house. play soros' words again! >> the system we have now has actually broken down, only we haven't quite recognized it so you need to create a new one, so this is the time to do it. glenn: these are the people that broke the system! it is broken because of corruption. look, this is not about the things that you and i believe in. progressives think they know better than you do. they want to control every aspect of your life. workers of america unite against these people!
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the smart grid is not about saving energy or helping the planet. it is about one person, the itch guy, paying more than another guy, the poor guy. he will pay less! they call it social justice. they call it fair. they call it anything than what it is, marxism, spreading the wealth, leveling out the playing field. there is one thing you can't call any of these plans. you can't call it america. you can't do it. i told you yesterday buckle up your seatbelt, america. find the exit. there is one here, here and here. find the exit closest to you and prepare for a crash-landing because this plane is coming down because the pilot is intentionly steering it into the trees! most likely it will happen sometime after christmas. you are going to see this economist come up -- we're already seeing it -- and then it will start coming back down again. when you see the effects of what they're doing to the economy, remember these words -- we will survive. we will do better than survive.
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we will thrive! as long as these people are not in control. they are taking you to a place to be slaughtered. americans are not the people that do this. >> why are you here? >> to get some money. >> what kind of money? >> obama money. >> where is it coming from? >> obama. >> where did obama get it? >> i don't know, his fans. i don't know. i don't know where he got it from, but he's giving it to us to help us. we love him! that's why we voted for him! glenn: these have the people who have been abused by the system. they have been taught they needed the government and their master is washington, both parties! the truth shall set you free and it is coming with a vengeance. you know what? i saw a little bit of the truth on my way into new york today. i could see the uss new york, an amazing ship, but even more amazing is when you know the story behind it. that ship wasn't forged with any old steel. the bow of this ship lies 7.5
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tons of steel that came from the wreckage of the world trade center. i talked a couple of years ago to people who worked on that ship. it was a big deal to them. they were weeping as they built t they took great pride in building that ship. it's what we need to take. we need to take our tragedies and turn them into triumphs instead of wallowing in our tragedies. that's what america has always done. it is what we do best. it is where america needs to go. of course, everybody will go, oh, glenn beck says we need to build another giant war machine! damn right if that's what it takes! keep your reflecting ponds and flower vases. the terrorists that kicked our butts that day, for our economy, all we got going, all the melted steel, all the problems we have, we take those remnants and we build it into something great. we finish the job. we're going to connect the dots here in a second.
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you know the n.e.a. i have been telling but this, and we will have a twist in the prop gan za story that -- in the propaganda story.
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glenn: i was reading a police report i want to get to in a second. it is a wierd way to get to something but you will understand in a second. i talked about the august 2 conference call where the national endowment for the arts leader yosi sergeant asked for an obama initiative. this was brought to us by >> i want you to to pick something, education, healthcare, the environment. there four key areas that the
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corporation has identified as the areas of service: glenn: later on he said we're having a hard time talking because we don't know legally what language we can use. i don't know. why don't we stick to the truth and if it's against the law, maybe we shouldn't be saying it. advocating through art is known as propaganda. look up the name ger bills. of course, the n.e.a. is supposed to just right grants as the head of the n.e.a. has explained. >> we are grant makers, not a regulatory or enforcement agency, and will we advocate for the president's agenda as well? if it's a particular program, eye ex, healthcare reform, no, of course not. >> those tapes are pesky, as nixon found out. apparently somebody didn't get all the e-mails. now e-mails obtained through the freedom of information act shows
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how far up the chain of command this went. great new for the obama administration. congress has approved a budget increase for the national endowment for the arts up $12.5 million to $167 million not to mention the $50 million they received in the stimulus bill. great. we will see healthcare art soon. it's great for the obama administration, not really sure what it means for the rest of the country, but you know what, there are two ways this administration gets its points across and i'm going to show both of them to you. through this individual, buffy wicks. they trick you through propaganda or they do it this way. that's seiu, the thugs attacking a man at a missouri town hall meeting. how are these stories connected
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and how is buffy wicks coming into play on this? we go to mike flynn, editor in chief of how are you? >> great. glenn: how is buffy wicks involveed? >> well, buffy wicks works right now at office of public engagement. it is clear from the e-mails we have seen and from the call itself that she has played a leading role in organizing the call, the drive to organize artists to do propaganda for the station's policies. she is mentioned in the e-mails as the leading figure, and the point person on this. that was kind of her project and all indications are that she was running that and saw that as a way to extend the campaign into the policy world and to use art and people who received government money to help support the administration's goals. glenn: she is also, coincidentally, in missouri was the campaign manager there for
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barack obama? >> she d she ran the missouri campaign. it is very interesting. part of that effort, what they did, it got national attention. they createded an obama truth squad. buffy wicks organized the obama campaign headquarters a press conference of law enforcement officials, prosecuting attorneys, disbe strict attorneys at the campaign headquarters who issued a warning that they would prosecute rival campaigns for any what they saw as misleading statements from their campaign. now, they did this -- buffy wicks did this -- we looked for the video but can't find it on short notice. we're still looking for it, but they did it with a sheriff and two prosecutors standing there. >> that's right. the implication was that they were there as official agents of the state to police some law that didn't exist.
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it is very good with propaganda. glenn: it is very good with propaganda. now, show me the video while i'm saying this, the video in st. louis is one african-american being beaten up by two seiu thugs. they're both wearing the purple shirts. they're gigantic. again, i think propaganda, you know, sending a message visually to people, you better shut up as tea party people or we're 6 foot something and 220 pounds and we're going to take care of you. >> that's right. glenn: i want to read the police report here. i contacted witness number one. witness one stated he was leaving the school gymnasium and saw suspect mcgowan talking to victim gladdeny and saw mcgowan reach over the table and punch the victim in the face. this assault knocked the victim off balance. suspect then went around the table and pulled victim gladdeny
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by the back of his color and he began to punch and kick him. wit nis heinz says says while molens was kicking, suspect gladney then joined in onto assault. >> it is stunning. gladney is a 230-pound diabetic man handing out flags. glenn: and he was called the n word. there have been no charges filed in this case. this has been going on almost 90 days. >> oh, yeah, the incident happened august 6. charges were filed. gladney went to the hospital. immediately the democrats brought in a high-powered attorney to defend the thugs who were charged with assault and it just kind of disappeared. what ising interesting is that t disappeared within the jurisdictions of those individuals who are part of buffy wicks' truth squad.
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glenn: i don't think that's true. is that true, that she was a part -- that they were a part of -- they were the same people of the truth squad but i'm not true. >> no, not the individuals. the individuals right now who are not pursuing the charges. glenn: we'll have to look into that. here is my point and i want to follow this up tomorrow. why haven't charges been filed? it has been 90 days. why haven't they been filed. it is now my understanding that it is being kicked to the county which the county usually only hahn delz miss demean nors. this sounds like felony assault. i would like to know what game is being played through strings pulled through the purple people and is buffy wicks involved and how is she involved? this is all propaganda to send a message and they're getting off scot-free. i'm wondering how exactly. mike, keep digging into it and we will talk again. >> we will. glenn: burgers, chicken, big fat t-bone, and, oh, to top it off, how about a side of al gore?
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>> i'm bret baier at america's election headquarters in new york. there are two big governor's races underway. jon corzine is trying to fend off republican chris christie and in virginia, republican bob mcdonnell is taking on democrat creigh deeds. in upstate new york, the special congressional election features
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democrat bill owens against conservative party candidate doug hoffman. republican dede scozzafava dropped out last weekend. coming up at 6:00 eastern we will look at president obama's influence on today's voting and what democrat wins or losses will mean for his administration. we will check out the exit poll data coming in and check out what today's results will tell us about next year's midterm elections. join us on america's election headquarters. glenn: i have to tell you today, i just saw bret at the elevator. he is graciously and so kind and none of the news people have any reason to be kind to me. i think i make their life a
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living hell. it is good to have him here in new york. now, al gore is back, which must means that the obama administration things healthcare is in the bag because now they're turning to the climate change. gore is showing up all over the friendly confines of the obama-adoring healthcare reform-climate change endorsing media outlets like msnbc and this morning abc. unfortunately for al, something happened on the way to the carbon trading bank. scattered shower of journalism broke out over at "good morning america" with diane sawyer. she surprised him with this little gem. >> here is glenn beck giving a challenge to you about cows and methane. glenn: i'm siding with pita on this one, once again asking al gore if you really want to save the planet, put down the cheeseburger and pick up a veggie burger and time for soy milk and tofu turkey. >> there is a serious issue about the connection between the
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growing meat intensity of diets around the world and damage to the environment. that is a legitimate issue, and like a lot of people, i eat less meat now than i used to. i'm not a vegetarian and don't plan to become one, but it's a healthy choice to eat more vegetables and fruits, so it's not a laughable issue. diet is an issue that is connected but the biggest issue by far is co2 and methane comes from a lot of sources including -- it is the principal component of natural gas, coal mines, rice, a lot of sources, and it plays a larger role than scientists thought in the past. >> no tofu turkey for you? >> i don't plan to. glenn: no, no, and i don't plan on buying any more of your b.s. either. as my grandfather used to say, he looked as uncomfortable as a prostitute in church. i think there might be something a little more uncomfortable.
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he looked more uncomfortable than an honest man in washington. you usually do look uncomfortable when you deceitful. gore has decieved us time and time again about the biggest cause of this horrific problem. it is not your s.u.v. accord together chair of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, al gore's beloved ipcc, quote "the u.n. food and agriculture organization has estimated that direct e misses emissions from meat production account for 18% of the total greenhouse gas emissions oivment "that's what he said to the b.b.c. news, and get this "transportation accounts for 13% of the footprint." that's the ipcc, the one he talks about so much in the movie. according to the ipcc, eating meat is worse than all of the cars, trucks, s.u.v.'s, busses, trains, planes, private jets an presumably even the space shuttle launches combined.
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well, maybe they're just one of the tiny, teenie, almost imperceivable minority that don't just agree with al gore, who these people they probably believe that the earth is flat and the moon landing was fake, and we shouldn't even discuss them. oh, i'm sorry. maybe before i dismiss the ipcc as a bunch of flat earthers, what has al gore said about these people who made the connection between eating meat and global warming? >> i think that we have all made some progress, thanks in large measure to the fantastic work of the scientists of the intergovernmental panel on climate change, and it's important to realize that these 2,500 scientists at the top of their fields all around the world have now issued four unanimous reports. in spite of that, there is still work to do. glenn: like not eating meat! no, al gore called them
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fantastic, said it was unanimous four times. wow. sorry, al. i thought this was all about saving the planet. i mean, if that's the goal here. if global warming or climate change or whatever you want to call it today, because climate change, it seems to be changing. if it was so bad, you know, and the planet that we live on literally was on the brink of catastrophe, you have told us this continuously for years and years, i would think that you, who really believes it, would do anything to get the job done. i mean, i've got to do everything. pass up a cheeseburger. no, i don't think i could do that. you're kidding me, right? if you want me to buy into this hoax -- sorry, this theory, are and give up meat, wow, it seems like a small price to pay to save the entire planet. america, just like everything else we talked about on this program today, it isn't about saving anything! it's about redistribution of wealth. there is a story in "the new
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york times" today about the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars, nobody really knows for sure, only his accountant knows for sure, only he knows how much al gore is making from this climate change hysteria. i have to tell you something, i'm the most enthusiastic capitalist since adam smith. i have no problem making money. al gore can make money. if i could sell sponsorships on this chinnite here, i would. it would say third chin sponsored by good queer. if i could do -- by goodyear. if i could do it, i would. this is going to cost our entire economy, but i'm not cool with that one. if you're seriously concerned that the earth has a temperature, why don't you put down the t-bone and gab a stalk of broccoli, huh? get out of the gulf stream 550 and try a bicycle on. stop using 20 times the energy in your home every single month
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that the average american uses in an entire year. when i see you make those changes for climate change, i might, might, i might start to be concerned about the sea levels and the hurricanes that didn't happen this year, or the crowded endangered polar bears that have only increased in population by a factor of five. then maybe i'll start worrying about those things. in the meantime, i would like to thank diane sawyer for pointing out that he might, might, might, be a little bit disingenuous. i can't even believe i'm saying this as thee words are coming out of my mouth but joining me next is the president of the peta and we actually agree. who would have thunk it?
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>> here is glenn beck giving a challenge to you about cows and methane. glenn: i'm siding with peta asking if you want to save the planet, al, put down the cheeseburger and pick up the veggie burger. time for soy milk and tofu turkey. i don't think anybody has ever asked him and he has answered. well, we had to call peta. i don't agree with a thing peta says, however, the only two organize organizations that have i found consistent that don't play the washington game or special interest group, peta and
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the nra and other than that i find that they are just doing special interest stuff. ingrid newkirk, president and founder of peta, it is a strange thing, isn't it, ingrid, that you and i are -- we can unite on principle. it is amazing, isn't it? >> i think it's rather good actually. glenn: i do. >> we're an equal opportunity critic and so are you. glenn: so here we have al gore -- how long have you been trying to get him to answer the meat thing? >> ever since he set himself up as the world's leading siermtsallist and so he set himself a high bar. if he is, you can't be a meat eating environmentalist. he needs to go vegetarian. >> you heard the response from al gore about the ipcc report that, well, that's not really a big deal. would you like to characterize that a little differently about global warming? >> very differently, because it's not only the united
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nations. it's earth watch. it's even live aid, you know, the concerts that al gore initiateed that said you cannot go along with the destruction of the aqua furs sucking water up to give to the cattle and all the things that come with meat eating and call yourself an environmentalist. you can get in your s.u.v. and trade it away and change your lightbulbs and do things he suggests. you can shower with a flendz, but as you said, you tut it all together and it is still not enough if you continue to eat meat. glenn: that's a pesky thing when you don't mean what you and say what you mean. people like ingrid will hold you to it. i thought he was about saving the planet. how is he going to do that? me, coy make a suit out of giraffes, and they they are kind of cute and everything but not
5:49 pm
me, because i'm not giving up meat. i'm not trying to save the planet because it's on the brink of disaster. ingrid, i'm just going through the menu here for the president, the inaugural luncheon, and if i may play a little video, but did you see indiana jones in i don't know which one it was. did you see that? >> i saw one of them. glenn: yes. this is one where they are eating monkey brain, and i think that maybe al gore -- he has never said he doesn't eat monkey brains, which would be sad, but he did have the inaugural luncheon, grilled salmon, rosemary chicken, shrimp, scallop pie, beef a' la mode, and i have never had beef with ice cream. sounds good but not good for the planet, wouldn't you agree? >> yes. well, it takes 2,400 gallons of watter to bring one pound of meat, any kind of meat, monkey brains or salmon to the table. i think if he is talking about
5:50 pm
the future being water wars where there will be a critical shortage of water across the globe, then that is one factor to take into consideration. he says it's very hard for him to go vegetarian. he has admitted that. you know, he is basically a steak-a hollic. he needs to stop being a baby and just decide. glenn: ingrid, i have to tell you, i have a network break, but peta is at least consistent. al gore, shame on you. a preview of my trip to harlem, next.
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5:53 pm
glenn: my crew is telling me i should fear peta because they reminded me that i think ingrid would classify me as the only animal that she would kill and eat. that's a possibility.
5:54 pm
all right. recently i went to harlem -- did that make things worse? >> yes! glenn: sorry r i like peta. i don't agree with them but i like them. they are at least consistent. harlem is a place i went with my friend charles payne. i went two weeks ago. he showed me the neighborhood he lived a long time ago where other neighbors african-american kids, used to beat him up for talking white or wearing nice clothes. charles shared his story with me. i want to show. >> little piece of it. >> where did you go to college? >> minot state college and went to the air force to go to college. that was one of the only ways to get out of here if you didn't play professional sports. that was one of the only ways i thought i could get out of here. that's one of the big problems now is that within a lot of black communities, that the thought is limited that you can only get out through rapping or being a professional athlete. no one has really talked about
5:55 pm
doing it through academics and things like that. glenn: if you're glenn beck and in harlem and someone taps you on the shoulder and says mr. beck, excuse me, you think oh, no, i might be in trouble here. an amazing thing happened. it gave me an idea for a show that is going to happen on friday. trust me, people will talk about this one. you don't want to miss it. friday. back in a minute. su all my life...
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glenn: we showed you that seiu thugs are trying to take us over with workers of the world unite but not state that. global warming, the science is settled. the white house won't call about propaganda or do any of it. let me leave you with this thought from frederick douglass, quote "liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one's own thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. that, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. it is the right which which thet of all strike down." for more commentary on the news of the day, sign up for me free e-mail newsletter at if you have an idiot and you are preparing to that have idiot over to your house for the thanksgiving holiday, get the book "arguing with idiots." you're going to need it, available everywhere. see you tomorrow. from new york, good night,


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